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Consumer Credit Report

Consumer Credit reports are a veritable fount of information.  They provide information on a person's reliability, sense of responsibility, and financial stability.  This is especially critical information for those being considered for positions with access to company funds and/or the authority to disperse funds.  Information on a Consumer Credit Report can include:  bankruptcy filings (within last ten years), pending collection items, payment history, and can help to determine if a person is over extended in credit.  In addition, a Consumer Credit Report can provide personal information such as:  former residents, other names used (maiden, previous married named, change of name) and former places of employment.

Recently there have been several states propose or adopt legislation which would/have banned the use of credit reports for use as an employment screening tool. Hawaii, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon have already passed legislation to this effect, while many other states are debating the subject. All prospective employers need to be aware of the most current laws regarding consumer credit reporting for employment screening within their own states.

For more information please refer to HR3149 and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  
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