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Criminal Background Check

When conducting a pre-employment background investigation, a background check is of utmost importance.  Our county criminal background checks are conducted by researchers that physically go into the court house to check for public records.  This type of background check retrieval is called a "hands on" search.  This is by far the best way to conduct a criminal background search.  Some companies use databases in lieu of a "hands on" search.  The use of a database to search for criminal records may result in missing a conviction or reporting out-of-date information.

What exactly can you expect from this criminal background checking serivce?  We will provide an easy to read report as to whether or not the subject has been convicted of any criminal activity or has a pending criminal case.  This is a felony and misdemeanor search conducted at the county courthouse level.

The following information is provided upon the completion of a criminal background check (CBC):

  • Jurisdiction where criminal background check was conducted.
  • Date/Length of the background check
  • Name Searched
  • Identifiers (i.e. SSN, DOB, etc) of name searched
  • Charges/Convictions found within the criminal information
  • Date of disposition on any criminal convictions
  • Whether the criminal conviction charge was a misdemeanor or felony
  • Additional information related to the background check such as arrest/indictment date, file number, etc. are available upon request.

How far back do our reports go?  You may request a seven year or ten year report.  All report results are strictly based by FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) guidelines.  For the complete Fair Credit Reporting Act document, please visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau web site.

What courts do we search?  We conduct searches in all of the 3141 counties in the United States and we also search Canada, Puerto Rico, and other various International Courts.  The judicial system structure can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  For more information on this, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

In order to produce an accurate report, certain personal identifiers are necessary:

  • Person's full name (include maiden and/or previous married last names)
  • Date of birth (if more than one used, provide all)
  • Social Security Number


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